HCE (Host Color Europe, or Host Color LLC) believes that the stable and high availability hosting service is critical. That's why our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is created to protect our customers against unscheduled interruptions of service. We guarantee unmatched levels of availability and compensate our customers for failure to comply with the clauses of the SLA.

This Legal section of the website features an Agreement of guarantees of the delivery of services hereafter referred to as "Service Agreement" (abbreviated as SLA) applies to relations between HCE (Host Color LLC or and to any customer who commissions the services of said company.

All the customers of HCE (governed by Host Color LLC) agree to the terms as an integral part of any contract for delivery of services which begins automatically once the web subscription form is filled out and submitted electronically. This agreement regulates the relationship between the business customer (you) and the service provider (us). It covers all the services which you, the subscriber, have chosen to initiate and the related charges. Please note that the Service Agreement contains four important components: "General Service Agreement" (GSA), General Terms of Service (TOS, "Terms of Service" or "Terms and Conditions for Use of Services"), "Cloud Computing Terms And Conditions" (CCTC), Business Apps Terms And Conditions (BATC), Infrastructure Services Terms and Conditions (ISTC), "Colocation Terms And Conditions" (CTC), Dedicated Hosting Terms and Conditions (DHTC), Self-Managed Hosting Terms and Conditions (SMHTC), Managed Websites Terms and Conditions (MWTC) and "Acceptable Use of Policy (AUP or "Limits on Use of Services"). This agreement may include additional documents if services purchased require the customer to comply with further conditions.

When we use the terms "Agreement", "Service Agreement" or "Agreement of guarantees of the delivery of services" on any of the websites of HCE, in printed documents, electronic mail or other documents or correspondence, this refers to the entire document, not just parts of it. As our customer, you consent to the Service Agreement at the start of each subscription. This agreement starts immediately following the submission of an order form on our website or after signing a contract and is in force until the expiration of the subscription period. Unresolved issues such as missed payments or other controversies of a legal nature may result in a disruption of the agreement. HCE accepts explicitly that every customer who completed an order form ("Document for Entry into Service") has read the service order agreement, is familiar with its terms, and agrees to abide by them. HCE contends that this Agreement is meant to be implemented in the mutual interest of parties to which it applies.

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